Thursday, November 23, 2006

P-62 The beginning of the end of Canada....

Canada Liberals to back anti-separatist motion OTTAWA (Reuters) - Canada's opposition Liberals agreed on Thursday to support Prime Minister Stephen Harper's motion recognizing that Quebecers form a nation within a united Canada.

The motion is designed to derail one from the separatist Bloc Quebecois which has identical language except it does not refer to a united Canada. A vote is scheduled for next Tuesday.

"We are going to vote for a Quebec that forms a part of a united Canada," party leader Bill Graham told reporters after an emergency meeting of the Liberal caucus in Parliament.

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In the past three years I have not only traveled across Canada, but I've also lived in almost every province. I know what the people in each province think and feel. I have also come to realize what Canada is and is not. There is no Canadian Driver Licence, no Canadian vehicle registration, no Canadian Auto Insurance, no Canadian Health care. Each province has their own system that you have to buy into if you are in the province for over three months. Each province has their own political parties loosely tied to the federal system. Each province has their own provincial taxes system and official departments with tons of bureaucrats, doing the same job that one could do.

Each province is a separate entity and make no bones about it there is no love loss between western Canada and the rest of Canada or between Eastern Canada (the Maritimes) and the rest of Canada or between Quebec and Ontario and the rest of Canada.... The only thing that I noticed... to Quebec's credit... is that Quebec is the only province that is open and honest about their intentions about separating. All the rest are red necks, piously wagging their tongues and claiming that Quebec is wrong but denying that they are silently doing and plotting the same.

In the West; it's BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan that form a so-called alliance, but speak to them individually and Alberta has no use for either BC or Sask as they have the "their" Oil. BC has no use for Alberta or Sask as they have the natural resources, forests and East coast shipping. Sask is low man on the totem pole but they also see themselves as independent.

I never lived in Manitoba but they are caught in the middle, between the western provinces and wealthy and influential Ontario that is seen by many as trying to run Canada.

Quebec with it's French language has, since it's beginnings, felt alienated from the rest of English speaking Canada and has tried to preserve it's culture and language to the point that it is fiercely biased and prejudiced against any English influence. While federal and provincial governments mandate the acceptance of French and of being Bi-lingual, that same policy isn't applied for English speaking people in Quebec. While Quebec may think that they can survive on their own, they are heavily subsidized by the Federal government and like the Maritimes, what isn't subsidized is already controlled by BIG business and is US based...

New Brunswick is half French and half English speaking but they are not accepted by Quebec as they are deemed "lesser" French or Franglais. New Brunswick is what I would call the Bible belt of Canada. Lots of poor folk and lots of rich ones that are living off Federal Government subsidies.. The much criticized Canada Gun control law with it billion dollar plus operating budget has it's headquarters in Miramichi and employs about 200 people in. Do the math!

Nova Scotia is mostly English speaking and much like New Brunswick, is supported by the federal Government subsidies and PEI is in the same boat. Irving oil, with Irvings personal wealth stated at over 4.5 Billion has a strangle hold on the Maritimes, but is seen by many as a god sent... even if they are paying 15% higher prices for gas and heating oil than anywhere else in Canada. The Maritimes also have a close link with the New England states of the USA especially Maine.

The Maritimes also speak silently that they are not being supported or accepted by the rest of Canada and that they would be better off being part of the United States as they feel that good ole US Green Backs will fix their problems....

What other Prime Ministers, Trudeau, for example, have tried to keep Canada together, Harper (Bush's Page Boy) is setting the stage for it's eventual dismemberment. Every province with it's political power hungry wanna be kings, will... in it's own time begin to demand its own "national" status. While they may declare and obtain their independence, all will be quickly gobbled up by the USA... Divide and conquer...

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Quebec separatists say strengthened by nation talk OTTAWA/MONTREAL (Reuters) - Acceptance that the people of French-speaking Quebec are a "nation," albeit one within Canada, has made the drive to independence all the easier, the head of the separatist Bloc Quebecois said on Friday.

Reversing the position he took earlier this week, Bloc leader Gilles Duceppe said he would back a government motion that Quebecers form a nation "within a united Canada," and he described the concept as another weapon in his party's pro-independence arsenal.

"It's very important for countries around the world, who will say, 'Even Canada recognizes they form a nation, they just said yes.' It's another weapon (for us)."

The Bloc, the third-largest party in the Canadian Parliament, would now ask whether Quebec had the right to speak for itself at the international level, Duceppe said.

Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper had argued that including the words "within a united Canada" would safeguard against separatists using his announcement to further their demands that Quebec secede from Canada.

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I was speaking to my sister in Alberta the other day and she also stated that Harper was splitting the country apart... this coming from a die-hard conservative... She also mentioned that their red neck friends also agreed that this was a bad move for Canada... and that it also provides fuel for Alberta and BC to state their independence as they desire to join the US...

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