Tuesday, November 28, 2006

P-65 Ireland plans privatisation of water suppy in 2008

Water sell-off may begin in 2008 The privatisation or selling off of Northern Ireland's water service could begin in just over 13 months..... It has been confirmed that the government is considering starting to sell bits of it from 2008 - and they may do it without public consultation.

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While this appears to be news, it's already in the works in Canada... As urbanization expands, rural people on wells and septic are being forced to hook up to new water supplies even though no sewer services are being provided.. Forced legislation and municipal by-laws prohibit them from continuing using their old wells.

When I was living in BC a couple of years ago there was legislation being put into place where all provincial wells had to be registered and that they could only draw so much water from the aquifer unless they were a commercial entity and had a special licence as private wells and water suppliers were already existence . Also, urban areas that used less than 20% of the water were being faced with 80% of the cost of rebuilding and refurbishing new water systems that was basically going to the heavy commercial water users and orchards. Urban areas were also paying five times more for water.

Thanks in part to the free trade agreement, fresh water is now up for sale and the Great Lakes have been receding in recent years as the US has been silently and diverting water from Lake Michigan to feed private interests. A few years ago, everyone thought that selling water was a joke, but now bottled water is a mega business and growing...

There's more... a lot more, as this is also part and parcel of the New World Orders plan of globalization and control.. control of everything... and thereby everyone..

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