Friday, October 06, 2006

P-1 Politics and Religion

This Blog is a parallel to Religion, Denials and Truth but from a political point of view. I felt it only fitting that they share the same beginning as they are undeniably linked in what we call our society. The purpose of this blog will be to show who, what, where, when, why and how they are linked, and in more ways that one. What has been silently denied for countless centuries is finally being exposed to show its TRUE colours, and NOT what it claims to be.

While we (as a society) attempt to separate church and state, it is an undeniable fact that they are intertwined and always have been as the very fabric of society and its social structures, even in primitive ones. Everyone has a religious or non-religious belief and if they are in politics or in a place of social power, their beliefs are inevitably part of their political platform.

Throughout history there has been a constant battle between church and state for POWER and CONTROL of the masses and while they may deny and claim that no such power play exists today, that doesn't change the fact that there is. Unfortunately, even most of masses will ignorantly support their political and Clerical leaders denial based rhetoric as they blindly believe that their old customs, traditions and beliefs are the truth and the only way of life.


Bush openly Religious, to a Point

George W. Bush is among the most openly religious presidents in U.S. history. A daily Bible reader, he often talks about how Jesus changed his heart. He has spoken, publicly and privately, of hearing God's call to run for the presidency and of praying for God's help since he came into office....... But despite the centrality of Bush's faith to his presidency, he has revealed only the barest outline of his beliefs, leaving others to sift through the clues as to where he really stands.


The Pope calls to the highest power in the land
'06 Sept 27 UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) - The Vatican used the political stage of the United Nations on Wednesday to try to make amends for remarks he made that prompted Muslim outrage and protests. The pope has faced persistent criticism despite numerous attempts to make amends, without actually apologizing directly, for a speech he gave on September 12 in his native Germany.....


"Denying the truth doesn't change the truth....just your perception of it."

Thanks for reading my blog and I hope it gave you some "Food for thought"



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