Wednesday, October 18, 2006

P-18 US missles based in Japan...

06 Sept 29 >>>New leader wants to make Japan a force > Abe's Liberal Democratic Party has long campaigned to replace the pacifist constitution drafted by U.S. forces after World War II to revise phrasing that renounces the country's right to offensive action and bans maintaining a military for warfare.

'06 Oct 03 US missiles in Japan

'06 Oct 18 Rice promises U.S. defense of Japan

'06 Oct 18 Japan rules out nuclear weapons

******* Says a me comment *******
While new Japans new Prime minister Sinzo Abe might have had glorious plans for Japan, he was already defeated before he began as the Bush and the US already had plans to make Japan an US military outpost... with missles in easy striking range of not only for Korea... but also China...


'06 Oct 27 US will not impede nuclear arms debate in Japan


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