Monday, November 06, 2006

P-47 US war on terror and anti-americanism moves from Afghanistan to Pakistan

Air raid on Pakistan school angers many ISLAMABAD, Pakistan - Pakistan's attack on an Islamic school that killed 80 people has dented hopes for a diplomatic solution to quashing anti-U.S. militants in the autonomous tribal belt bordering

Pakistan madrassa raid 'kills 80' At least 80 militants have been killed in an air strike by Pakistani forces on a madrassa (religious school) used as a militant training camp, the army says.

The army said the madrassa in the tribal area of Bajaur bordering Afghanistan was destroyed by helicopter gunships early on Monday..... One eyewitness told the BBC that 70-80 students were inside. A leading local politician says the dead were innocent

Thousands rally against Pakistan attack KHAR, Pakistan - Chanting "Death to America," thousands rallied Monday in a lawless tribal area near the Pakistan-Afghan border to condemn a deadly airstrike last week on a religious school..... The protests were held in the Bajur tribal region, where the Pakistani military said it bombed an Islamic seminary that served as a front for training militants. Eighty people were killed.

Local people and an Islamic opposition party claim that almost all victims were children or teenagers studying at the school...... The raid has sparked furious protests in Bajur and in other Pakistani cities. Opposition lawmakers denounced the government, claiming that the military helped U.S. forces based in Afghanistan to carry out the strike.Protests condemn Pakistani attack on school

UPDATE: Bomber kills 42 Pakistani troops

'06 Nov 12 Pakistan PM: U.S. attacks within borders unacceptable


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