Sunday, October 08, 2006

P-3 Britian: More denials and racism exposed

Fallout spreads from British minister's call to remove Muslim veils

LONDON (AFP) - The fallout from a minister's appeal for Muslim women to remove their face veils spread, exposing splits within Prime Minister Tony Blair's government as well as within society......The comments last Thursday by Jack Straw, leader of the House of Commons, have hit a raw nerve in a nation which has been anxious about the state of ties with its Muslim minority since last year's deadly terrorist attacks.

Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott disagreed with Straw's argument that a women wearing a full face veil or niqab raised a barrier to face-to-face communications, saying it was part and parcel of living in a globalized world...."I think a woman that wants to wear the veil, why shouldn't she? It's her choice," Prescott told BBC television Sunday.

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So, as I understand it and applying the same logic and rules..... that also means that any so-called british citizen (including politicians) should also have to abide the the customs and traditions of the coutry they are visiting or living in... and that they should dress in the same manner that the locals do... and not in proper british atire. Can you just see the good and proper brits doing the "Lawrence of Aribia" thing, wearing a SA-bisht and Ghutra when in an Arab/Muslin country. "Huff puff, I say there, not bloody likely"

Saysame JR

UPDATES: '06 Oct 10 Blair, Rushdie back minister in veil row LONDON (AFP) - Britain's former foreign secretary Jack Straw found support from Prime Minister Blair and controversial author Salman Rushdie for raising the issue of whether Muslim women should be veiled.

'06 Oct 14 Battles over Muslim and Christian religious symbols rage
'06 Oct 15 British debate on Muslim veils heats up
'06 Oct 17 Blair, Prodi voice concern over Muslim veils

Politic and Religion.. Like trying to mix oil and water...

'06 Oct 22 '06 Oct 22 Warning over UK race riot danger


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