Thursday, November 16, 2006

P-56 Bush and his double standards on Nuclear Energy...

Two standards question for Bush In diplomacy, it is often hard to achieve tangible results, especially on a three-day visit..... Therefore, President Bush's South Asia tour will be viewed as a success. India and the US reached a landmark deal on civilian nuclear cooperation. President Bush has still got to convince a sceptical US Congress that the nuclear deal is a good one.

Politicians on Capitol Hill question whether it will undermine international efforts to tackle the spread of nuclear weapons.

Remember, India has not signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, and its military programme will still be hidden away from international inspections..... The favouritism being shown to India is making other countries in the region wary.... Some US politicians say that India is being rewarded for bad behaviour. Others fear the deal will send out entirely the wrong signal to Iran.

And President Bush's arguments so far have not been convincing..... He believes that helping India with its civilian nuclear programme will ease pressure on diminishing oil supplies. Well, not for a long time yet..... He also has to convince the international community that the US was right to bend the rules just for India.


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