Tuesday, October 24, 2006

P-22 Britian no longer bowing to US... Bush agenda.... Hummmmm... This will change things...

Britain is turning on the U.S. - at its own peril

Everyone knows that Europe is a continent stuffed with craven, terror-appeasing fromages who loathe America. Britain, by contrast, led by the lion-hearted Tony Blair, is full of stalwarts who stand shoulder to shoulder with the United States in the defense of the West. Right?

Wrong. Fury at Prime Minister Blair for being President Bush's "poodle" has reached such a pitch that the most successful Labor prime minister in memory is being forced out of office because of his support for U.S. policy in Iraq and Israel. Labor's members of Parliament say his refusal to break with America by calling for an earlier cease-fire in Lebanon was the last straw. The disturbing fact is that Britain is consumed by a rampant anti-Americanism and an allied hostility toward Israel, which are driving public debate into irrationality, prejudice and appeasement......

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Blair has been scrambling to stay in power and has been going back and forth on the issue of Irag. He has now exposed and trapped himself, and the people are seeing the truth... seeing the denials, corruption, power plays and his loyalty and obedience to please Bush... and there is only one way out for him...

While this will have ramifications on the UK... it will also affect the US as they are not only loosing an important military ally, but this move will also affect the security council at the UN where the UK has a seat on the security council... The balance of power is shifting...

Blair on Iraq:
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