Friday, October 13, 2006

P-4 Harper pro Israel?..... naw, come on... he's pro USA

Israel war crime charge roils Canada politics
OTTAWA (Reuters) - The leading candidate to head the Liberal Party was defiant on Friday after opening a political can of worms with the charge that Israel committed war crimes during its Lebanon campaign this summer....... Michael Ignatieff, a human rights expert and a former Harvard don, said at the weekend that Israel committed a war crime when it bombarded the Lebanese village of Qana in July.

That prompted angry complaints from Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper that the Liberals, who have more often than not run Canada, had taken an anti-Israel stance.
Harper (Prime Minister of Canada by default) is a Conservitive, American Bush Cronnie... and will do what Bush tells him to do... It interesting to see the old political rhetoric kick in, as Harper didn't admit that he was pro-Israel or ask for more information... but instead attacked and accused Michael Ignatieff of being anti-Israel... Is "dah leader" un-aware of the UN reports raising the same issues? Dah!!! now that's CANADA.. eh! GOD...... HELP US!!!! Save us from Harperism.....

********************* CANADA ON THE WORLD STAGE *************************

Harper, is a American conservative Bush Cronnie... and will do to Canada what Diefenbaker (A man out standing in his field) did with the Avro Arrow.

'06 Oct 04 Canada sacks Arctic envoy, abolishes post.... It is no mystery that the US wants the Canadian Arctic and instead of enforcing our sovereignty, Harper is handing it to them on a sliver Diefenbaker handed the Americans our aeronautical expertise of the Avro Arrow in the late 50's

At Bush's request... Harper was also quick to send the Canadian Military into Afganistan...but... '06 Sept 28 Pakistan to Canada: Stop griping about troop deaths

Now the Canadian military is fased with an unexpected and potent enemy ... oh when will it end? '06 Oct 12 Canada troops battle 10-ft Afghan marijuana plants

Canada needs to wake up and look at the enemy within...


UPDATES: '06 Nov 07
Dispute Over NW Passage Revived

U.S. Asserts Free Use by All Ships; Canada Claims Jurisdiction
TORONTO -- A long-standing legal wrangle between the United States and Canada could complicate future shipping through the Arctic as global warming melts the ice in the Northwest Passage.

The spat has flared occasionally in the past. Canadians were incensed when Americans drove the reinforced oil tanker Manhattan through the Northwest Passage in 1969, followed by the icebreaker Polar Sea in 1985, both without asking for Canadian permission.


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